Apache Flink: Success Story of European Research turned into Innovation

    Apache Flink now has a user community of 180 contributors worldwide, more than 10,000 attendees to regular meetups in many cities in Europe, USA, South America, and Asia, at least 13 companies using it in production, many more research projects and academic institutions, as well as a startup that attracted VC funding of more than 6 Mio Euros.

    Prof. Volker Markl quotes this to be a great example of European Research turned to Innovation, and shares a writeup for further distribution, which illustrates origins and impact.

    Free GraphLab Training in Budapest

    We are proud to have Alon Palombo and Guy Rapoport from Dato, who will conduct a free GraphLab Create training together with Robert Palovics.

    When: Thursday, June 9, 2016 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

    Where: MTA SZTAKI Kende u. 13-17., Budapest

    GraphLab Create is Dato's main product, an extensible machine learning framework used by a large number of companies worldwide. Dato is a Seattle based startup of leadning machine learning researchers. The Series B round of investment from last year brings the total amount raised by Dato to $25.25 million.

    Job ad recommendation challenge

    The RecSys Challenge 2016 is co-organized by XING, CrowdRec and MTA SZTAKI. XING is a social network for business. People use XING, for example, to find a job and recruiters use XING to find the right candidate for a job. At the moment, XING has more than 15 Million users and around 1 Million job postings on the platform. Given a user, the goal of the job recommendation system is to predict those job postings that are likely to be relevant to the user. In order to fulfill this task, various data sources can be exploited.

    Credit Card usage Data Challenge

    The ECML/PKDD Discovery Challenge 2016 on Bank Card Usage Analysis asks you to predict the user behavior of the OTP Bank Hungary, a key bank in the CEE Region.

    The Bank wants to know which branch will be visited by each customer to be able to optimize a contact list distribution. The customer will be proactively involved in campaigns from the branch that will be visited with the highest probability. The bank expects higher conversion rates in branch campaigns if the call is made in the branch mostly preferred by the customer.

    Learn Data Science at the Aquincum Institute of Technology - AIT

    Schedule for the 2016 Spring semester
    - Group A: Tuesday 9-11h Friday 11-13h
    - Group B: Tuesday 11-13h Friday 9-11h

    Why data science?

    Data Scientist is "the sexiest job of the Century" by Harvard Business Review and the highest paid tech job in 2015 by Mashable.