Learn Data Science at the Aquincum Institute of Technology - AIT

    Schedule for the 2016 Spring semester
    - Group A: Tuesday 9-11h Friday 11-13h
    - Group B: Tuesday 11-13h Friday 9-11h

    Why data science?

    Data Scientist is "the sexiest job of the Century" by Harvard Business Review and the highest paid tech job in 2015 by Mashable.

    In the Budapest area, currently there are at least 200 job openings for data scientist. Meet guest lecturers from our partners and have a chance to apply for a job with AIT's recommendation.

    As a student of ELTE of BME, you may obtain your credit free of any extra charge for Data Mining, Networks, ..., by participating in a small group course with US students visiting from the best Colleges.

    Receive hands-on training by participating in small course projects that may form your BSc or Masters thesis.


    data mining, data analytics, machine learning, big data, recommender systems, distributed data analysis frameworks (Hadoop, Flink, Spark, …) , complex networks, analyzing social media and mobility data


    - Final year Bsc, or MSc majoring in mathematics, physics, computer science, software engineering, ...
    - Strong background in calculus, probability, programming


    Andras Benczur, Robert Palovics, and members of the MTA Big Data research group

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