Job ad recommendation challenge

    The RecSys Challenge 2016 is co-organized by XING, CrowdRec and MTA SZTAKI. XING is a social network for business. People use XING, for example, to find a job and recruiters use XING to find the right candidate for a job. At the moment, XING has more than 15 Million users and around 1 Million job postings on the platform. Given a user, the goal of the job recommendation system is to predict those job postings that are likely to be relevant to the user. In order to fulfill this task, various data sources can be exploited. Job recommendations are displayed on as well as in XING's mobile apps.

    Task: given a XING user, the goal is to predict those job postings that a user will positively interact with (e.g. click, bookmark).

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