Laboratórium vezető / Head of department

    Head of department, research and development

    Csoportvezetõk / Group leaders

    big data, business intelligence, data warehousing, data quality and entity resolution

    Kutatók / Researcher


    machine learning algorithms

    Doktoranduszok / Ph.D. Students

    bioinformatics, Java development

    image search, image analysis


    temporally evolving networks

    distributed data processing, infrastructure management, real-time stream processing

    analyzing large social networks, information spread on networks

    Fejlesztők / Developers

    Java developer

    Java, C++ and bash developer

    C++ developer

    C++ developer

    IT-log data warehousing, data warehousing management tools

    Online and context aware recommender systems, social networks, visualization

    Java developer, distributed frameworks

    C++ and Java developer

    general purpose, batch and streaming data processing, scheduling in distributed computing...

    Hallgatók / Students

    Java and C++ developer

    distributed real-time stream processing

    real-time stream processing, machine learning

    online recommendation systems, C++ developer

    Munkatársak / Staff

    project assistant

    system administrator