1 September, 2006

    Operational Risk Detection for Financial Sector

    2006-2008. Government funded project to develop a toolset for automatic internal fraud detection using adaptive, "self-learning" methods and resulting in better ratios of false and missed alerts. Key partners: Fornax Ltd., Budapest Stock Exchange.


    The wide range of operational risks companies and organisations are exposed to, encompass risks stemming from wilful internal and external frauds, and other criminal acts as well as from deficiencies of internal procedures, weak control thereof and insufficient staff skill and experience. As a consequence of all these, companies (may) incur significant losses. One of the specific objectives of our project is the reduction/mitigation of operational risk in financial institutions.

    The project aims to produce a toolset that perform automatic investigation of security/risk events occurring in companies and organisations, using adaptive, self-learning methods and resulting in better ratios of erroneous and/or missed alerts than any other methods currently in use. The targeted end users of the system to be developed will be able to reduce their operational risk exposure and losses by a greater extent than by any other tools before.


    Fornax, Hexium, MTA SZTAKI, Budapest Technical University, Budapest Stock Exchange