2012.05.30. "Big Data": 5-year Academy of Sciences support for our team

    The President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences gives prize to Andras Benczur for our proposal on "Big Data" research.

    Society has reached a point of no return, one that leaves us completely reliant on omnipresent ICT-mediated communication. Mobile and sensor-rich portable devices connect millions of humans with petabytes of data. However, tearing down the physical-digital barrier in a scalable fashion requires both radically novel algorithmic knowledge and in-depth understanding of humans and societies.

    “Big Data” is an emerging new research area for the methodologies of extreme large scale problems in business intelligence, e-science and Web mining.

    We plan to conduct research ranging from theory to experimentation by building on the unique nature of our research group that covers the full chain from core research to industrial deployment.

    29 May, 2012