Longneck Data Integration

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    Big Data presentations

    New Big Data presentation were added.

    VAST Challenge 2012 - award won by our team

    This year our team got a prize for "Good Support for the Data Preparation, Analysis, and Presentation Process". The related publication can be read here.

    Second place at ImageCLEF 2012 Photo Flickr

    Our team made second place with tight margin at ImageCLEF 2012 Photo Flickr.

    2012.05.30. "Big Data": 5-year Academy of Sciences support for our team

    The President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences gives prize to Andras Benczur for our proposal on "Big Data" research.

    Society has reached a point of no return, one that leaves us completely reliant on omnipresent ICT-mediated communication. Mobile and sensor-rich portable devices connect millions of humans with petabytes of data. However, tearing down the physical-digital barrier in a scalable fashion requires both radically novel algorithmic knowledge and in-depth understanding of humans and societies.

    Prize won at IEEE VAST 2011

    "Outstanding Integration of Computational and Visual Methods" award won at IEEE VAST 2011.

    ImageCLEF 2011 contest - third place

    We have reached third place on the ImageCLEF 2011 Visual Annotation contest.

    We take up VAST Challenge again (2011)

    This year we will focus on only one Mini Challenge: "Geospatial and Microblogging - Characterization of an Epidemic Spread" of the visualization contest.

    Genome Rearrangement Mini-Workshop: 27 january 2011

    Genome Rearrangements Mini-Workshop

    Our team takes part in VAST Challenge 2010

    This year we have interesting VAST Challenges: besides nice visualization they require text mining and the characterization of a disease.